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Datum:  3.5.2024
Vrijeme:  18 - 20 sati
Mjesto:  Makronova

RASPRODANO! MASTERS OF THE SOIL with Jean-Martin Fortier and David Pejić
Voditelj:  večernji razgovor Jean-Martin Fortier i David Pejić
Vrsta programa:  predavanje

Join the evening talk with two exceptional people deeply committed to a sustainable future: Jean-Martin Fortier, the rock star market gardener, and David Pejić, Europe's best organic farmer . Fortier and Pejić will discuss the evolution and future of organic farming openly and honestly as part of a unique event called Masters of the Soil. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about their reflections on the future of farming, preserving the biodiversity of the soil, as well as about their experience of working on the land, with people and for people, and how to grow better instead of more. You’ll find out what can generate support for regenerative agriculture, what role of consumers and individuals have, whether science can lead to a better future, and how to leave a world worth living in to new generations.
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18.5.2024. OBNAVLJANJE